Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The (wo)Man In The Mirror

I never liked MJ particularly when he was alive. He was just too OTT for me when I was first getting into music - I liked floppy haired indie boys and the grunge sound, not over-theatrical performances involving too many children. But recently, my boyfriend downloaded a collection of MJ's greatest hits, and I actually found myself listening to it in a different way.

The song "Man In The Mirror" pretty much describes where my life is at right now. I can go on the same, doing just as I've always done, and repeat all the same patterns over and over til I die. Or, I can ask the woman in the mirror to change her ways. I'm not going to suggest that doing this might make the whole world a better place, but it certainly might do something to mine.

This blog is a diversion from my usual caustic humour, because I need to do something different - tell a different story. For once, I am not going to use the internet for what I usually use it for - venting and carrying on (albeit in a witty manner) about all the woes my life involves. This experimental blog will be for one month to start with, and I'm calling the experiment the Grateful Diaries. Because there's a lot in life to be grateful for as well as a whole load of horseshit, and I'm hoping that actually forcing my naturally pessimistic, dark humoured self to concentrate on the positive for once, might actually start to become habit forming.

I will write on this every day for a month, and the rule is that I must write about at least three things each day that have made me happy, grateful, or any other positive emotion I care to mention. If I have a day where I'm struggling to find three, then that's going to be my red flag that I've not done enough that day to find the positive and dig it out of life. Even if it was just a particularly yummy vanilla latte from Starbucks.

This is in the vain hope that I might one day be one of those people who sees the glass as being half full....if you weren't born with it, cultivate it.

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