Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Day 1 - what have I got to be happy about today?

So this is my first day of Life Appreciation.

The first thing that made me happy today was the lovely hot shower I had this morning. You know when you get the shower just the right temperature? I'm also staying at my mum's at the moment, she has an old house which gets really cold, so getting out of my warm snuggly bed was tough today. The shower was just what I needed!

The second thing that made me happy today was finding the EXACT skirt I've been looking for. Black, slightly flouncy, and fantastic for teaming with rock chick T-shirts, sparkly cardigans, bright coloured tights and biker boots. H&M, you rock, but are an extremely dangerous place for me to go shopping! Somehow I always end up doing a raiding party on Divided when I am in need of retail therapy. I love it when you find exactly what you're looking for.

The third thing was that my fabulous pictures from Candy Snap Boudoir are ready! They look amazing, and I am sooo glad I did it. The fab Rebecca Lippett (of La Belle Mere fame) did the shots for me on Monday, when I took a trip to her studio in Bristol, and I can honestly say that yes, every woman should be photographed naked. OK, so my slightly hyper critical mother said on seeing my snaps that I could do with dropping some weight, but hey - I'm not going to wait around until I reach the perfect weight to be happy with my body. I'm naturally a size 12-14, have always had a big frame, and I build muscle easily, which tends to make for a not very feminine effect, I will admit, but we're all different, and being sexy is not just reserved for the skinny minnies of this world. We should embrace what we are - being healthy is far more important. And I love my snaps - who wouldn't love getting done up like Dita von Teese and making like a movie star! Every woman should do this - and every woman should learn to love her body. Life is too short to be unhappy in your own skin.

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